Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snowy Day Writing Project

It was a very windy, cold, and snowy week here in Kansas . . . which were all absolutely perfect conditions to get our kiddos thinking about our Snowy Day writing project.  These actually turned out to be some of the most amazing writing projects of the year.  The kids could all use their own experiences to write about a real chilly outdoor adventure they’ve had or what they would like to do.

We began by reading The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  Then we discussed the character and setting and spent time focusing on specific events that happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. 

To get our kiddos ready to write we made a cute little art project and created a class flipchart . . . which accidentally got discarded by the counselor when he came in to do a lesson on our Promethean board, oops!!!!  We brainstormed possible beginnings and endings for our stories.  Then we made a list of all the things we could do outside in the snow.

Here’s an example of what our flipchart looked like . . .



A special thanks to our good friend Mrs. Gabrielson for creating this fun art project several years ago.  We absolutely LOVE it!!!!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome 2015

Happy 2015 sweet blogging friends!  We hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your family and friends and are ready to jump back in to the swing of things at school.  We both loved spending time with our loved ones.


What better way to kick off the beginning of the year {and going back to school} than with some sensational savings.  We have slashed the prices on our most popular January themed units by 50% until Thursday (January 8th).  Head on over to our TpT store to check them out.

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image   image


Sunday, November 30, 2014

HUGE Cyber Monday & Tuesday SALE

Are you making your list and checking it twice?  We are . . . and we are very excited about the annual Cyber Monday & Tuesday sale on TpT.  Our basket is already filled with some great products we have had our eye on.  Our entire TPT store is on SALE 20% off!  You can an EXTRA 10% off if you use the discount code: TPTCYBER at checkout!

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If your looking for some thematic activities to use throughout the year don’t miss out on our monthly thematic sets of math and language arts {cut and paste} worksheets.  They were designed for independent practice and they are all aligned with the Common Core Standards.  We always have one laid out each morning for our kiddos to work on as soon as they arrive at school.

clip_image003 clip_image003[5]

clip_image003[7] clip_image003[9]


Don’t miss out on our thematic word of the day packets either.  These are another fun way to have students begin their day.  We always have the word of the day poster displayed in our room on the Word of the Day board as students arrive each morning.  These thematic packs introduce vocabulary and have students practice writing a meaningful telling and asking sentence.

clip_image003[14] clip_image003[16] clip_image003[18]

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We wanted to pass along a little Christmas Word of the Day freebie as a thank you for all of your support this year.  We continue to be absolutely amazed and inspired by the online community that we have become a part of.  Hopefully you will be able to use some of these worksheets & posters with your kiddos as you introduce Christmas vocabulary. 

christmas word of the day

Don’t miss out on our other Reading Street Resource Packs either.  They are filled with everything you need to launch the 2013 edition in your 1st grade classroom.

image          imageimage          image

{Don’t worry . . . units 4 & 5 are coming soon!}


Saturday, October 18, 2014

On the Road to Reading Street {Unit 3}

Hello Reading Street users . . . we are excited to announce that we finally got everything in our 244 page Reading Street Resource Pack for unit 3 combined and posted in our TpT store.


Don’t miss out on our other Reading Street Resource Packs.  They are filled with everything you need to launch the 2013 edition in your 1st grade classroom.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Super Sentence Wheels {Through the Year}

We are SO excited to share one of our very favorite resources for teaching students to write complete sentences.  Check out our Super Sentence Wheels Through the Year that includes a total of 13 wheels and student booklets.


Step 1:  Copy the sentence wheels on cardstock for each student.  Have students cut out the three circles and assemble them using a brad (metal fastener) so they can spin the wheels to create super sentences.

Step 2:  Brainstorm a list of adjectives (describing words) as a whole group that could describe the main character of your sentence wheel.  Encourage students to pick a different describing word for each sentence they create.


Step 3:  Align the WHO wheel with a verb/phrase from the DID WHAT wheel.


Step 4:  Align the WHERE wheel to create a super sentence.


Step 5:  Students will write their super sentence in the student book using correct capitalization and punctuation.  There is also space provided for them to illustrate their sentence.



Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School!! Are you ready??

Can you believe it is August and summer is over????? Diane just got back from Kansas City to celebrate her 27th wedding anniversary and also spent 6 hours in her daughter’s classroom getting her ready for her first year of teaching. Kelly has been in Colorado for a National Baseball tournament with her son. They finished 4th! So NOW we are going to frantically finish up our own rooms and get ready to go. We have Open House on Thursday!!!!! We will be putting in the hours over the next few days and nights! We feel everyone’s pain…and excitement for this time of year! We can’t wait to meet our new kiddos and start our year in a new school. We are so giddy about all the new resources that are out there and loading up our wish list on TpT for the BTS Blastoff! We will have everything in our store 20% off!                                                     Happy Shopping and have a WONDERFUL new school year!!


Diane & Kelly

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On the Road to Reading Street {Unit 2 Resource Pack}

Hello Reading Street users . . . we are excited to announce that we finally got everything in our 223 page Reading Street Resource Pack for unit 2 compiled.  clip_image004

Don’t miss out on our other Reading Street Resource Packs.  They are filled with everything you need to launch the 2013 edition in your 1st grade classroom.

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