Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Graphic Organizer

After TWO snow days last week followed by TWO full days of parent teacher conferences it was quite a week in 1st grade!!!  We hated to have to skip over all of the fun Groundhog Day activities and Healthy Heart stuff we had planned.  Luckily we can fit a little bit of it in this coming week and we have lots of other fun Valentine's Day stuff to do too.

And now . . . here's your Friday {or Saturday} Freebie. 

If you have a favorite listening center you want to use in the next few weeks and need an activity for your students to do to go along with it, wait no more . . . here is a graphic organizer you can download and print.   You could even use it with one of your favorite Valentine's Day books you read aloud.

 {We like to enlarge this to an 11x17 document so our students have a little more room to write.}

Coming Soon . . . Some Valentine's Day writing ideas your 1st graders will LOVE!!!


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