Friday, March 18, 2011

Circle Story Giveaway

The day has finally arrived for us to giveaway a copy of our Circle Story Unit . . .circle story unit

We are absolutely AMAZED at the response we had from all of our new friends {followers} since we blogged about this last week.  For those of you who couldn’t wait and already bought your own copy . . . thank you, thank you, thank you for your purchase!!!

We can tell you that we finally got to do it this past week with our own kiddos and it was a HUGE hit!!!  The kids did a great job with all of the writing and center activities.

As we mentioned earlier in the week we did find a few mistakes and they have all been updated on TpT.  If you already purchased the unit and don’t want to have to go through all 136 pages of the download here’s a brief description of the updates

1.  Muffins for Money – the word “quarter” was misspelled on the poster . . . {page 27}image

2.  Muffins for Money – the muffin that now says 85 cents had the wrong amount printed on it . . . {page 35}


3.  School is Cool – the worksheet had the wrong coding marks printed above the oo sounds  . . . {page 87}


Now, the moment you have all been waiting for . . .

the WINNER iscircle story winner

If you didn’t win and you would still like to have a copy of our Circle Story Unit head on over to our TpT store. 

We would really love to hear from you and get your feedback after you do this unit with your kids.  We are always looking for ways to improve our activities.  Your comments or suggestions are welcome.  Just drop us an e-mail at

We are taking a few days off because it’s finally Spring Break . . . plus we have lots of Jayhawk basketball to watch.  We think they are going to go all the way this year!!!signature


  1. Love it! And love that you are fellow KS teachers....awesome! :) Check me out if you get a chance!

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