Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Potato Creations

We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a little early in our 1st grade classrooms.  If you haven’t checked out all of the St. Patrick’s Day activities in our TpT store you better head on over because they are all on sale until Wednesday (March 10th). 
Here’s a fun St. Patty’s day themed writing/art activity that you will only find here.
It goes along with this famous Irish folktale.DSCN4405
In this story a lazy Irishman named Jamie O’Rourke plants a magical potato seed that he gets from a leprechaun and it grows into an ENORMOUS potato. 
Let your kids make their own {ENORMOUS} potato out of a piece of brown construction paper.  Then let their imaginations run wild when you open up your scrap box and let them create a unique potato character. 
Here’s a few samples from our kiddos . . .
{a potato} cat DSCN4435
{a potato} Darth Vader DSCN4445
{a potato} Chicago Bears football playerDSCN4446
Ok, so were those cute or what???  
Don’t stop now . . . let your kids finish off this project by writing about their potato creations.  
Here are some headers you can print and attach to the fabulous stories your kiddos write about their unique potato characters.potato headers signature

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