Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weather Unit

When we return from Spring Break we are going to launch right into our weather unit.  Here’s a little {sneak} peek at all the new center activities we have made and posted on TpT.  We have 8 activities in all . . . so far.  weather unit {sneak} peek

And now . . . here’s a weather freebie

These are a few of the “rainbow” themed activities we do to wrap up our weather unit.  After learning all about the water cycle, wind and storms we introduce our students to Roy G. Biv.  He is here to help us remember the order of the colors in the rainbow.  We always make this silly little art project and do a rainbow writing activity.  Students love to make their torn paper art project and then write about what each color of the rainbow reminds them of.  They also REALLY love tracing over each color of the rainbow with colored pencils.

rainbow art

{click here for writing paper and nametag}image

Here are some “rainbow” themed books you might want to consider adding to your library.rainbow books



  1. This weather unit looks great. I am considering the purchase. In the meantime, I cannot get the freebie to download. It says I do not have permission to download. Thanks for your help with this.

  2. Same here. Can't look at the freebie. No permission to download.

    Mrs. Ibarra

  3. So sorry friends . . . I just went in and fixed it. I always seem to forget that one final step of making it public on the web. I guess I need another cup of my delightful Kahlua coffee to wake myself up this morning!!!


  4. I can't wait to purchase all of the fun weather centers! I've added most of them to my cart on TPT, but can't find the Springtime Shopping Spree. Thanks!

  5. Married to First,

    Thanks for letting us know that the Springtime Shopping Spree was missing in our TpT store. As a "thank you" we would LOVE to give you a copy of it for "FREE". Just send us an email and we will forward the center to you.

    Kelly & Diane
    [email protected]

  6. I am starting my weather unit next week and this looks great. I also love your Roy G. Biv ideas. Thanks!

  7. Wow - Too cool!! I wish you had differentiated versions for third. You have some awesome stuff! Do you use a specific program to build your creations??

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  8. This looks great! Where do you get your super cute graphics?

    Curls and a Smile

  9. Thanks for the freebie!

    Here's one for reading comprehension strategies posters. :)

    First Grade Factory

  10. Okay, I just dropped about $20 on all your FABULOUS weather stuff!! It is adorable. Thank you for your creativity!

    Kerri B

  11. I found your blog by doing a google search for "1st grade weather unit". I just went to TPT from your link above and bought your weather mini unit. I look forward to using it in my homeschool lessons with my daughter who loves science and is interested in weather right now. I like that there is a section on confronting fears. Storms are what my daughter is most afraid of! I think she will like this unit. I also like that you base the activities in the unit on books! Our daily studies are mostly literature based, so this unit fits right in to our style of learning. Thanks. :)