Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apple Activities

With school just around the corner . . . we thought we better get all of our favorite apple themed activities ready to go.  We all know how CRAZY those first few weeks of school can be!!!

Here’s a little {sneak} peek of all the new literacy and math centers that are now available in our Made For 1st Grade TpT store.  As always, we have listed each activity individually so you only have to purchase the ones that meet your state standards and you know you will use in your classroom.

apple sneak peek

We’ve also got a few apple FREEBIES just for you.

Grab our Apple Patterning activity {here} . . .image

All you will need for this activity is a basket filled with red, yellow and green mini die cut apples and a copy of the worksheet .  You can also enlarge the worksheet (like we do) to 11x17 so students have more work space.

apple pic 

and our Appleseed Math activity {here}.image



  1. These apple activities look great. Thank you for the freebies too. I went to TPT to look at each individual activity. If someone wishes to purchase all of them, it could be more costly than purchasing many comparable units on TPT. Would you consider combining them into a unit also and offering a reduced rate? As a retired teacher, I do realize that you are attempting to supplement your underpaid teacher salary. I applaud you. At the same time, other teachers often do not have the funds to purchase. Any extra savings would be beneficial. Thank you for your consideration and your support for fellow teachers, but most of all the children we serve!

  2. These are wonderful. Thank you! Why don't I see the button for pinterest?

  3. Thanks for the freebies! Your unit looks fantastic too!
    First Grade Found Me

  4. Thank you for the freebies. I'm pinning your unit as well. This will be my first year in first grade so I'm scouring the web for ideas!

  5. Love these! Thank you so much!

    Kara @ www.mineforthemaking.com

  6. Thank you for these super ideas!

  7. I love your worksheets! They are beautiful and practical. This is also my fist year teaching first grade and I appreciate your helpful ideas very much.