Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Calendar FUN {with music}

Since getting a Promethean board several years ago “Calendar Time” has become one of our favorite times of the day.  We still do a quick calendar routine on the bulletin board each day so the kids will have a visual calendar posted to refer to . . . but now we also do a more lengthy one on our interactive board.  Not only do the kids LOVE the interactive board, but they also LOVE all of the music and video clips that we sing along to each day to reinforce and teach many of our math skills. 

Our first {BIG} step was incorporating songs from a few of our favorite CD’s into our flipcharts.  These songs reinforce the days of the week, months of the year, telling time, counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, even and odd, money, etc . . .music cd's Click {here} to check out these and more great math cd’s from Creative Mathematics.

The next step was adding a link to Starfall.  Here the “Helper of the Day” gets to come up to the board and do the interactive calendar activity for the class.image

The {FINAL} step was adding lots of fun videos that we found one day last year on YouTube.  They were all created by HarryKindergarten, who we think is a kindergarten teacher (ha, ha)!!!  The kids absolutely LOVE these songs . . . and we have to admit, they are pretty catchy.  If you are like us you will be singing them all day long and your family will think you are CRAZY!!! 

A few of our favorite are . . .a song that reviews the Months of the Year {here}image  a song that teaches and reviews counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s {here}image

a song that teaches and reviews numbers in the teens{here} . . . which is often kind of tricky for some of our kids at the beginning of the year.image

and the kids ALL TIME favorite {here} . . . which is set to the tune of “Pants on the Ground” . . . a catchy little song that reinforces names and values of each coin.imageWe would LOVE to be able to share our calendar flipcharts with you, but unfortunately we won’t be able to because many of the links wouldn’t work for you and several of the pages have been created collaboratively with other teachers from our grade level.  Hopefully with the resources we have shown you here you will be able to create your own interactive calendar that meets your classroom needs.



  1. I love HarryKindergarten! Your post makes me want a Interactive Board so much more. I have to switch from the document cam, iTunes, PowerPoint, if I want those types of visuals. One day...well, maybe like 2 years from now.

  2. I just got an interactive board that i get to use this year. Anything I can get my hands on is GREAT!

  3. I wish I had an interactive board. We are just barely getting computers in our classrooms this year. Great ideas though!

  4. Do you have trouble getting the Harry Kindergarten Files to play at school? We have a filter that won't allow us to play videos from Youtube. I am trying to figure out how to get them where I can play them on my SMARTboard.

  5. Great question Jenny . . . we probably should have included information about that in our post. Our district doesn't allow access to social media websites during school hours either so we had to download a YouTube converter and save all files before inserting them into our flipcharts.

  6. I wish I had an Interactive White Board SOOOOOOO bad! And.... I love, love, love your new look :)

    Fun In First

  7. HOW FUN!!! I cant wait to include it!! THANKS THANKS THANKS!! I wish I had a smart board too but I will maybe the slate / projector for FOR ME!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  8. My kiddos LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the songs from this youtube channel!!! I had the best time watching them dance and sing to them!!!
    Curls and a Smile