Friday, July 29, 2011

Sight Word Books

After spending a few hours at school today getting things copied and organized we are both feeling a little better about the beginning of the year.  It’s always SO exciting . . . but man is it a LOT of work!!! 

We know a lot of you are Houghton Mifflin users so we wanted to share a resource that we created several years ago to go with the “Back to School” section of the series.  It’s a set of sight word worksheets that review the kindergarten sight words.  They go right along with all of the little paper readers that come at the front of the workbook.  We always practice reading the little paper book that goes with each lesson several times together and then we create a class book by having each student fill in the blank to complete the sentence and draw a picture to illustrate their words.  Then we assemble the books and place them in our classroom library.  Even at the end of the year the kids still love going back and reading them!!!sentences

click {here} to download a copy

Even if you aren’t a Houghton Mifflin user this is still might be a resource you can use to start your school year.  All of the sentences are made up of very basic sight words that every 1st grader {should} be able to read!!!



  1. Diane and Kelly, This is wonderful! I can turn your back to school review resource from 1st grade into a lovely year long routine for K, using one page for each theme. My kids love making class books, but I never thought to do ones like this! Sometimes I see ideas and think, awesome, I can take this idea and make it even better, but the resources you post leave no room for improvement... they are already so well thought out! Thank you, thank you!

    Having Fun K-1

  2. You are SO sweet!!! We are glad to hear that you will be able to use them with your kinder kiddos. We hope your school year gets off to a great start.

  3. I teach kindergarten but many of my kids are on first grade level. I LOVE this!!!! Thank you for sharing.


  4. Thank you SO much! I use HM so this will be perfect for those first two weeks.

  5. Just found this! It's great. I will use it starting next week (YIKES!) with my kids and the awful back to school review with HM. I wish we could just jump right in, but oh yeah, all the testing we have to do! Great book idea!