Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three For Thursday

We are linking up with Blog Hopper again today to share three of our favorite things.

1.  Our Favorite Font
This is a really hard one because there are so many that we both LOVE.  This summer we discovered a new one that we have been using a lot lately.Dooctor Soos Bold

You can find it . . . and lots of other great ones {here}!!!

2.  Our Favorite Blog
There are SO many great blogs out there that we are both absolutely addicted to checking on a regular basis.  But, we would have to say that we LOVE how new sites are popping up (just like this one) where teachers can link their posts and readers can hop around from one to the next and see what kind of exciting things are happening in classrooms all across the country.

Blog Hoppin\

3.  Our Favorite Online ResourcesReading - Your Reading Resource Center


We can’t wait to see what your favorites are!!!



  1. I teach third grade, but last year, I had six students reading at a Kinder level! Reading A-Z saved my tuckus (sp??)!! lol

  2. I love! YAY for fonts!!

  3. SO happy y'all linked up!! Love, love, LOVE your blog and ALL of your materials!!!!!

    Cara :)