Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

Hey friends, we are so excited to let you peek inside our {little} classrooms and take a look around.  We must warn you though . . . our rooms are very oddly shaped and they seem much more roomier in these pictures when there aren’t 22 little bodies inside. 

Last year our entire K-1 primary building relocated to a newly renovated building that was right next door.  Even though we were thrilled to have a nicer building, we weren’t exactly excited about these rooms.  After sifting through all of our stuff and getting rid of enough to probably start up a small charter school we managed to get everything crammed into our new little homes away from home.

Come on in and see where it all goes down . . .

dianediane 1kellykelly 1

We both use the same approach to discipline.  Our students operate on a color card system.  Each time they make a bad choice they have to turn their card.  Students shade in a behavior calendar at the end of the day in their daily folders to document how they did.  This goes home every night for parents to see.behavior boards

We both have word walls . . .which seem pretty bare at this point in the year!!!  We also have a “Word of the Day”.  Right now we are reviewing the color words.  In a few weeks we will start getting new sight words.  Each day the new word is displayed and students complete a worksheet all about that word.  They have to practice writing the word, cutting it out and arranging the letters in a sentence and using it in a meaningful sentence of their own. word wall

We both have guided reading tables where we meet with small groups each day.  We both probably spend more time sitting here than anywhere else in our room.  Luckily we have great parent support, so while we are working with small groups we use parent volunteers in our rooms to assist students at centers, monitor behavior, assemble books, cut out new center activities that we’ve made, etc . . .guided reading

We also have a special place in both of our classrooms for students to be recognized.  Each week we choose one student to be the star.  They get to decorate a poster, bring photos to share, and bring a special item for show and tell each day.  star student



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