Sunday, October 9, 2011

Short Vowel Activities

We are about to wrap up our study of the short vowel sounds.  For the past 9 weeks we have been working REALLY hard to build, blend and read basic CVC words.  During this time we have been using a lot of the resources in a few of the products we have listed on TpT to supplement our reading curriculum.

image       image

Before we move on and begin introducing consonant blends and digraphs we always take a week off to do some fun short vowel review activities.  In the next few weeks you will probably be seeing a few of them if you check out our class blogs.  Here’s one we would like to share with you.  Let your students be short vowel detectives and find words from their reading book for each vowel sound.


click {here} to download a copy to use in your classroom

graphics courtesy of Scrappindoodles

We know there are a lot of you who have been using these resources along with us this year and are ready for some new sets of short vowel activities that incorporate blends, digraphs and consonant clusters.  There are even a few of you who are ready to move on to long vowels.  We are just beginning to work on them and promise to have them ready VERY soon!!! 

We do have one new item ready to go and we just posted it on TpT this morning.  It’s a set of the Build-A-Word {short vowel} Gameboards that incorporate blends, digraphs and consonant clusters.


It includes a colorful game board for each short vowel sound, a set of beginning sound letter tiles and a record sheet for students to record the real and nonsense words they create.



  1. cute! I have these in my wishlist for next year since we've already passed the short vowels. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your short vowel detective sheet. This will be a great activity for when my guided reading groups end a few minutes early.

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