Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short Vowel FUN {set #2}

If your beginning readers are ready for more of a challenge . . . then check out our new Short Vowel FUN {set #2} unit.  It’s a follow up to Short Vowel FUN which we posted earlier this year.  This new set of activities incorporates blends, digraphs and consonant clusters.

Here’s a little sampling of each activity that is included for all of the short vowel sounds.short vowel FUN set #2

FYI – We stuck with the same format since our kids are all so comfortable with these activities.  We thought this would make it easier on them (and us)!!!

Don’t worry . . . we will be working on a long vowel FUN unit very soon.  Our little readers just aren’t quite ready for that yet!!!



  1. I LOVE this. It's a little above my kids right now because I teach kindergarten but I will definitely keep it in my for later this year. I have shared this post with my first grade friends.


  2. Great! I am currently using your Short Vowel Fun packet with my first grades. I'll certainly be using this one soon. Can't wait to see your activities for the long vowels. Great job ladies!

  3. I love your units, Glad that short vowel 2 is out, will be waiting for long vowel.

    Our first grade team dressed up as the 6 blind mice. Our school had Halloween parties on Friday 28.

    Thanks, Cindy g
    [email protected]