Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween FUN

Thank you so much to everyone who entered their names in our Spooktacular Halloween giveaway.  We loved reading all of your fantastic costume suggestions.

We totally intended to share pictures yesterday as well as the names of our winner.  But, after a busy day of Halloween parties and trick-or-treating we were exhausted!!! 

Thanks to the help of our families, who drove us around town shopping for accessories and helped us cut and tie tulle, we were able to pull off a last minute costume idea . . . we joined our good friend Kelsey (who was our inspiration) and we dressed as . . .

Silverlicious and Purplicious

DSC01311   DSC01309

And the winners are . . .


Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!



  1. Love the costumes!!! You look great!
    :) Melissa

  2. Yah! I won. Thank you!
    Costumes were a great pick too! Love them.

  3. LOVE the costumes! I'm totally making my first grade team do this next year! :)