Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Sweet Batch of Centers

We have a very Sweet Batch of Gingerbread Man Math and Literacy Centers ready to share with you.  We just posted them in our little TpT store tonight.  We must warn you . . . we went a little overboard this time!!!  This is definitely the biggest (and probably our favorite) set we have EVER created.  There were so many skills that we wanted to incorporate into this sweet little set of centers and just when we would think we were done . . . we would be texting each other late at night with “one more” idea that we just HAD to include. 

We can’t wait to kick off the month of December with two FULL weeks of Gingerbread Man themed FUN with our kiddos.  Just this morning as we were getting all of these new center activities laminated and organized we were both talking about how excited we are to do all of them with our kids.  Creating and updating activities to share with all of you has definitely renewed our love for our jobs!!!  After all these years there’s something still SO exciting for both of us when we have new, improved, cute little activities that we know our kids will enjoy doing.

So enough about US . . . YOU may be wondering what’s included in this 154 page set. 

Here’s a {sneak} peek at all 18 of the math and literacy activities . . .image 





  1. I am beyond excited! I have been waiting for this and I'm so happy you went overboard!!!!!! Thanks!

  2. I love your centers!! These look great and I can't wait to use them.
    Jennifer A.

  3. I am suoer excited about these centers! Thank you for all of your hard work in making them and then sharing them with us!

    Leesa Harrington

  4. I love all the units and things you make and sell! I am not teaching this year unfortunately, but I am stockpiling for next year!

  5. Thank you SO much for all the positive comments. We are really proud of this set of centers and anxious to use them in a few weeks with our kiddos!!!

    Diane & Kelly

  6. Can't wait to purchase this set of centers. They look super awesome!