Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Penguins On Parade

We really hope you are all surviving these last few CRAZY days with your kiddos before Christmas break officially begins.  We’ve got two more fun filled days left . . . not that we’re counting or anything!!! 

This has been a very busy week for us so far.  We spent Monday & Tuesday doing lots of fun reindeer themed activities.  Not only did we talk about Santa’s magical reindeer, but we also learned lots of interesting facts about real reindeer.

Here’s a little peek at jut a few of the things we did . . .



Then today we did lots of Santa themed activities.  Our favorite, of course, was making the adorable New and Improved Santa art projects again this year.  The kids had so much fun being creative with all of our Christmas scrapbook paper.  Thanks Cara Carroll for coming up with such a cute activity last year!!!  We absolutely LOVE it!!!

Tomorrow we will all be dressing in our pj’s and taking a ride on the Polar Express.  Then we will end the week with a fun filled day of Grinch activities.  We promise to post a few pictures and some freebies later this week.

Now onto some January news . . .

We’ve been hard at work getting everything ready for when we return from Christmas break.  So for all of you teachers that like to stay ahead of the game like us, here’s your first look at our newest set of centers called Penguins on Parade.


Here’s a little {sneak} peek at everything that is included in this new set of centers . . .Penguins On Parade Sneak Peek



  1. Did you make the chart about reindeer facts? It looks like a great resource for student writing.
    Tonia in Redlands,Ca
    [email protected]

  2. Hello~ Love all of your stuff! What clipart do you use for the borders? I love Scrappin' Doodles, but whatelse do you use? Thanks! Lauren

  3. What program did you use for the Reindeer Facts?