Saturday, October 29, 2011


No tricks here . . . just a few treats for all of our sweet friends.


Now through Monday every item in our TpT store is on sale.

We are both still debating what kind of costume we will be wearing to school on Monday . . . so we need your help.  Leave us a comment telling us what kind of costume you will be wearing this Halloween and you will be entered in our Spooktacular giveaway.  We will choose 5 lucky winners.  Each winner will receive ANY 5 items of their choice from our TpT store.

The past few years we have teamed up with our hallway friends in these fun little costumes.  The kids always LOVE it . . . but we are ready for a change.10946_184613442752_598437752_3093838_4726115_n[1]


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out of This World Space Centers

Even  though our space unit won’t roll around until early Spring . . . we know many of you will get to it before us and may be needing some fun new centers to go with all of the stuff you already use.  So, we combined all of our space themed math & literacy centers into one BIG {102 page} download and posted them in our little store over on TpT.  Don’t worry . . . they are all still available individually, too!!!


Here’s a little {sneak} peek of everything that is included . . .clip_image047

We also threw in this little art/creative writing activity!!!


You can take a look back at our class blogs to see all the FUN we had last year with our own kiddos!!! 

Mrs. Bumgardner's 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Schmelzer's First Grade Class


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Short Vowel Review & Super Weekend Savings

This past week we have been busy in first grade reviewing the short vowel sounds.  We took a week off from our Houghton Mifflin reading series to do a few fun activities.

We made this little short vowel flip book . . . which is always one of favorite activities!!!clip_image008

This is something you could easily recreate using any worksheet you already have that has short vowel pictures.  To make the flipbook all you need to do is fold a piece of construction paper in half and cut 5 slits.  We usually already have this done for our kids before we begin. 

We also used our reading book to be short vowel detectives.  Student had to find 10 short vowel words from all of the stories we’ve read and record them and their page number.  This is just a little way to keep them accountable and make sure they are not making up words  . . . not that any of them would ever try doing that!!!!


download your copy of this worksheet {here}

clipart courtesy of scrappindoodles

This week we also began learning more about nouns, verbs and adjectives.  We used several of the activities from our sentence structure unit . . .


AND we did a yummy little activity about adjectives that was inspired by Babbling Abby.


Every item in our TpT store is on sale through the end of the weekend.clip_image004


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Theme 2 Resources

In reading we just finished up Theme 2 in our Houghton Mifflin reading series.  We know a lot of you are HM users so here’s a few little things we thought you might be able to use. 

Here is a book to go with the story A Surprise For Zig Bug that we recently created and used with our kiddos.  On each page students have to answer a question about the story using a complete sentence and draw a picture to illustrate their answers.  We have been working REALLY hard on this skill!!!


click {here} to download a copy of the book

We also have a fun little fall themed game that reviews all of the weekly sight words and decodable words from Theme 2.  We always have our kids say the words printed on each acorn card aloud and use them in a meaningful sentence.  You can even use the cards to have your kids practice putting words in ABC order.  That’s another skill we are working hard on!!!


click {here} to download a copy of the game


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fire Safety FUN

This past week we had with our kiddos learning and reviewing important fire safety rules.  We are all “Smoke Detectives” now.  During center time our kids also did lots of fire themed centers that reviewed many of the skills we have been working on.  You can head over to our class blogs to see pictures and read about everything we did.

In math we have been learning how to connect addition and subtraction.  To go along with our fire theme and extend this skill we created this little fireman fact family activity.  clip_image003

click {here} to download a copy of the worksheets

image   image 

We did this activity on the Promethean Board as a whole group.  We began by writing three numbers in the circles at the top of each problem.  Then we shaded in the number with our red crayon that was the largest so we would know how many were in the “whole group”.  Then we used the numbers to write two addition and two subtraction math problems.



Friday, October 14, 2011

November Units and Calendar

We’ve received several request to post another calendar for the month of November that outlines how we will be using all of our thematic units . . . so, here’s a little peek at what our month will look like.

November 2011 Calendar

Since Halloween Day falls on a Monday this year AND we know the kids will only have one thing on their mind . . . we are planning to spend most of our day using one of our favorite Halloween themed stories {Harriet’s Halloween Candy by Nancy Carlson} to reinforce some of the reading, writing and math skills our kids have been working on.

We have put together a literature and math packet to go with the story.  There should be enough activities included to keep your kiddos busy ALL day long!!!image 

The rest of the month we will be using all of these sets of centers . . .


scarecrow sneak peek

image  image

sneak peek

image  image

Pilgrim and Indian Sneak Peek

Some of you who have been purchasing our items may notice that the format of our sentence scrambles are changing. At this point in the year we are expecting students to begin to independently identify which word the sentence should begin with (without it having a capital letter printed) and what kind of punctuation mark should go at the end. This is definitely more challenging . . . but you will be surprised at how well your kids will do with it.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short Vowel FUN {set #2}

If your beginning readers are ready for more of a challenge . . . then check out our new Short Vowel FUN {set #2} unit.  It’s a follow up to Short Vowel FUN which we posted earlier this year.  This new set of activities incorporates blends, digraphs and consonant clusters.

Here’s a little sampling of each activity that is included for all of the short vowel sounds.short vowel FUN set #2

FYI – We stuck with the same format since our kids are all so comfortable with these activities.  We thought this would make it easier on them (and us)!!!

Don’t worry . . . we will be working on a long vowel FUN unit very soon.  Our little readers just aren’t quite ready for that yet!!!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Short Vowel Activities

We are about to wrap up our study of the short vowel sounds.  For the past 9 weeks we have been working REALLY hard to build, blend and read basic CVC words.  During this time we have been using a lot of the resources in a few of the products we have listed on TpT to supplement our reading curriculum.

image       image

Before we move on and begin introducing consonant blends and digraphs we always take a week off to do some fun short vowel review activities.  In the next few weeks you will probably be seeing a few of them if you check out our class blogs.  Here’s one we would like to share with you.  Let your students be short vowel detectives and find words from their reading book for each vowel sound.


click {here} to download a copy to use in your classroom

graphics courtesy of Scrappindoodles

We know there are a lot of you who have been using these resources along with us this year and are ready for some new sets of short vowel activities that incorporate blends, digraphs and consonant clusters.  There are even a few of you who are ready to move on to long vowels.  We are just beginning to work on them and promise to have them ready VERY soon!!! 

We do have one new item ready to go and we just posted it on TpT this morning.  It’s a set of the Build-A-Word {short vowel} Gameboards that incorporate blends, digraphs and consonant clusters.


It includes a colorful game board for each short vowel sound, a set of beginning sound letter tiles and a record sheet for students to record the real and nonsense words they create.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


You all know by now that we like to stay a little ahead of the game and get our new math & literacy centers posted early so you have time to get them all printed, laminated, cut out and ready to go for your kiddos. 

So . . . if you are ready to get a jumpstart on November. . . we are too!!! 

Our new set of Turkey Time Math & Literacy Centers is now available on TpT.


Head on over to our little store and check it out.

Here’s a little {sneak} peek . . .

sneak peek

We have also included materials to make a cute little turkey art project.