Friday, January 27, 2012

February Calendar & Word of the Day Worksheets

We’ve been getting lots of requests for another monthly calendar. . . so, here’s a little {sneak} peek at what’s coming up for us during the month of February.clip_image008{We are also looking forward to our special visitors who are coming up to Kansas to meet us and spend some time in our classrooms in a few weeks.  Should be so fun!!!}

In other news . . .

Diane has been hard at work ALL night getting our new set of February Word of the Day worksheets ready to post.  We know some of you are just dying to get your hands on them.  As a reminder we use an old set that was made several years ago that follows our weekly sight words from Houghton Mifflin.  Students always begin their day with a new word of the day worksheet.  We also have the word of the day displayed in our room on the Word of the Day board.  Then we supplement these thematic words in throughout the week as we begin learning more about specific topics or holidays.

We both really like the new format of our thematic word of the day worksheets . . . and our kids do too!!!    They seem to the challenge the kids a bit more since they have to unscramble the word and write both an asking and a telling sentence.  So, our next BIG project will probably involve remaking our Houghton Mifflin Word of the Day worksheets.  You may have to wait until summer for that, though!!

Here’s a little {sneak} peek at one of the worksheets and posters that are included in this set.


If you have any March/Spring word suggestions let us know . . . we will be getting to work on our next set very soon and would love to have your input.



  1. So cute!!! It's in my cart right now!!!!!! I bought your winter words one and I loveeee it!!!!

  2. LOVE your word of the day packs! In my room is more like 'word of the 'every-other-day-or-so'!

    Super cute!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  3. I LOVE love LOVE your word of the day packs!! I would really like to see one for each month! I do this everyday with my kiddos and they really learn the difference between asking and telling sentences and also the punctuation that goes with each kind of sentence. I also use it for vocabulary development. March word ideas? Hmmm ... how about lion, lamb, wind, green, leprechaun, shamrock, just a few ideas! Thank you so much for your fabulous ideas! I really appreciate it!

  4. I bought the February word of the day pack and my Firsties got right to work on it. They noticed that the letters to cut out and spell "groundhog" are incorrect. One "o" is missing and there is an extra "n". I had my students just write in the extra "o", but you might want to fix it. Sorry to point out typos, but I really just want your products to be perfect, just like you are! Thanks so much!
    [email protected]

  5. I LOVE the word of the day packets! It works on all of the skills I want my kiddos to know by the end of first grade. The daily handwriting practice is awesome since it is one of those skills we don't have time to teach. I do a weather a space unit in March so maybe planets, stars, astronaut, space, cloud, weather. Of course St. Patrick's day words would be fun too lucky, gold, shamrock, leprechaun. Just some ideas! Can't wait to buy more of these! Thanks again for your adorable stuff!