Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick Trip

This weekend we had the opportunity to meet up with the one and only Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade.  It was just like getting together with an old friend . . . who just happens to be a celebrity!!!  We had the perfect excuse because Diane’s daughters were playing in a softball tournament in Denton, TX (which just happens to be Cara’s old stomping ground) and Kelly has a friend that lives just south of Ft. Worth that she was dying to see . . . so we packed up the car and headed south on Friday.

Thanks to Mr. Schmelzer for being such a great chauffer.  I’m sure he just loved listening to us talk about teacher stuff all the way to Denton and back!!! 

We had the BEST time!!!.  We met up at one of her favorite little Mexican restaurants and after three hours of nonstop talking and countless glasses of iced tea we headed out together to do some shopping.  So fun . . . and we even found a cute little outfit for Abby that would go great with her unitard.  We couldn’t resist texting her a picture!!! 

Folks, we have to tell you Cara is as adorable in person as she is on her blog.  She is such a generous and kind hearted soul!!!  We definitely feel like we have made a good friend.

   We need send out a big thank you to the dear young man working at the information booth at the mall.  After several attempts he was able to snap this little picture of us together that we all {sort of} agreed on.  Don’t think he really knew what he was agreeing to do when we politely asked him if he would take our picture.  We are also very sorry to the people who were patiently waiting to get information about the mall from him.  We really didn’t mean to get him so distracted from his job duties!!!


In other exciting news we are joining forces with several other bloggers and TpT sellers to take part in the AMAZING leap day sale.  Don’t miss out on the savings . . . these kind of sales don’t come along very often.  We are planning to make our wish list early because there are several great products we have been eyeing!!!




  1. I am SO JEALOUS! I saw the post that Cara wrote last night. How fun! I am sure you three had a blast. I'd love to meet some bloggy friends. If you know any Bloggers from Maryland, please send them my way. :)

    What an inspiring group of ladies! It doesn't get much better than you three.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    A Year of Many Firsts

  2. I'm sure you girls had a blast!


  3. This sounds like so much fun. I just love everything that you do. I've been teaching for a very long time and even considered making this my last year but have been re-motivated by yours and Cara's blogs (they are always the first that I read). I read Cara's blog about your fun trip and she mentioned that you completely changed her way of doing her literacy rotations. One person commented that she buys all of your centers, laminates them and then has a hard time getting them squeezed into her day. I'm sure there are MANY of us who would love to hear how you organize and implement all of your centers. I've always said that when I'm not interested in learning new and better ways to teach that it will be time to retire. Thanks for energizing me!