Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Spotlight–Houghton Mifflin Resources

This week’s Sunday Spotlight is coming to you kind of late . . . at least it’s still Sunday!!!  We’ve both been out of town most of the weekend with our kids activities.  Diane has two daughters that both play softball at Emporia State University and their season is just beginning.  She headed south to Oklahoma for games on Friday and is just now headed home.  Kelly has a son who is involved in basketball so she was at an MAYB tournament today just up the road in Newton, KS.  {She had to miss out on all the games yesterday because she had some of the yummy stomach stuff that’s going around}

So, what these two teachers need more that anything is a day off to relax and get their lives back in order. . . no luck with that though!!!  We always spend President’s Day teaching our little darlings about our countries great leaders.  If you are one of the lucky teachers out there that will be home reading this post while your still dressed in your favorite pj’s . . . let us just say we are jealous!!!!  Then we want to pass some savings on to you. 


Sunday Spotlight

This week we have a new Houghton Mifflin product we would like to share with you.

Many of you have purchased our Houghton Mifflin Resource Pack.  One of the items we included in it is the set of weekly spelling words for themes 3-10 that we use.  The series only provided 8 words each week that followed the phonics skill we are learning.  Who has ever heard of only having 8 words.  We thought it must be a misprint . . . but it wasn’t!!!  We just couldn’t handle it, so of course we HAD to add 2 additional words to our lists to make it an even 10.  Each week we chose 2 of the weekly sight words that we felt were important for students to learn how to spell correctly.  We call them the “Writer’s Challenge Words”.

You can imagine how excited we were when a new blogger {Mrs. K’s Munchkins} contacted us about our spelling words.  She’s been using our lists and has created a series of worksheets to go with them that incorporate the two extra “Writer’s Challenge Words” that we added.  They are absolutely adorable and we have already got a set of them copied and ready to go for this week!!!


Head on over to her blog to read more about this great little product, download a free copy of the Theme 7 worksheets AND find out how you could win a complimentary set.Mrs. K's Munchkins



  1. Thanks for the shout out ladies!!! So excited to join the teaching blogger community! ALSO super excited about your sale! I went CRAZY in your store! :)

  2. I have had to add 2 words to my lists also. 8 words- come on. I thought that was silly too. I'm excited you're having a sale.Hopping on over to check it out. I love your ideas!
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  3. This has nothing to do with this post, but I can't believe I only now stumbled across your blog! I follow so many 1st grade blogs...then I find yours. I teach 1st grade in Overland Park in the Blue Valley Schools, but I attended Maize schools from 1st-12th grades. It is so fun to see what 1st grade is like there now--and how similar it is to what I'm teaching at BV!

  4. Hello Lisa! Who did you have in first grade? So neat to know you went on to teach!

  5. My 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Dodson. I think she might have gotten remarried and was then Mrs. Farmer. My 1st/2nd grade school was called Vermillion Primary School I think. When I was there, there was a K-2 building, a 3-5 building, a 6-8 building, and then the high school. I looked at the website, looks like it's grown quite a bit! Fun little walk down memory lane. :)

  6. Definitely excited about the President's Day Sale!!

    Just thought I would let you know that the date on your President's Day sale button says that the discount is good until 12/20/12.. I'm not sure if its suppose to say that or not hahaha Im guessing it's not a year-long sale! (which is a shame) =)

    Thanks for all the amazing ideas you post weekly. You continue to inspire me!

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