Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wild About Weather

So, we’ve been crossing our fingers for some winter weather here in Kansas for the past month. 

Maybe even a SNOW day. 

Well we got what we wished for . . .kind of . . . it did snow, but not enough to cancel school.  Just enough to make our playground white for a day and then a horrible muddy mess for the rest of the week.  So you know what that means . . . indoor recess!!!

Hopefully you are a little more wild about the weather where you live?  Maybe you are even gearing up for a weather unit in the upcoming weeks.  If so then check out our newest creation.  It’s called Wild About Weather Math & Literacy Centers.  It’s got 11 math and literacy centers that reinforce many of our basic first grade skills. 

Here’s a little {sneak} peek . . .Weather Sneak Peek

To read more about everything that is included click {here}.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!!!



  1. This looks AMAZING--as usual, ladies! :)

  2. I hear you about this crazy Kansas weather. We all thought that surely Monday would bring a snow day. No luck :( Love all your stuff. Keep up the good work!

  3. AHHH We did get a day off yesterday, but of course now they want us to make it up on Friday. Why they schedule snow days and then expect us to "make them up" I will never understand. Snow is all gone today and yep everything is a muddy mess. I hope that is the beginning and end of it for this year! Although I know the wheat needs it:)

  4. Great Stuff and Woderful Ideas!!!

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