Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Egg-cited About Easter

Get your kiddos “Egg-cited About Easter” after they return from Spring Break with our newly revised set of Easter themed math and literacy centers.  We have bundled all of the activities that were previously sold individually in our store and updated them with some fun new clipart and graphics. 


Here’s a little {sneak} peek just for you . . .Easter Sneak Peek

We will also be taking some time off from our reading series right before Easter for some “Bunny Business”.  Last year we compiled a literature based unit that uses several of our favorite bunny themed books to reinforce many of the math and language arts skills we are covering at this point in the year.  There are also art activities and everything you would need to have a Bunny Day celebration with your kiddos.




  1. Oh, these look great!

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  2. Sarah

    Even though you already have this award, I wanted to nominate you again for the Top 10 Blog Award. You have helped me out so much I couldn't not give you the award. Check out my blog for the button/post.

  3. This blog is simply A-dorable! What is the font in the title of the Egg-cited about Easter unit?