Friday, March 9, 2012

Lucky Leprechaun Week

Since we will be busy next week doing all of our Laura Numeroff circle story activities . . . we spent this week doing lots of St. Patrick’s Day themed activities in our first grade classrooms.  We know it’s still a little early for leprechauns, pots of gold and rainbows, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. 

Here’s a {sneak} peek at just a few of the things we did.

One of our favorite creative writing activities went with this story . . .DSCN4405

It’s about a lazy Irishman named Jamie O’Rourke who plants a magical potato seed that he gets from a leprechaun and it grows into an ENORMOUS potato. It was no ordinary potato!!!

After we read the story we let your kids make their own {ENORMOUS} potato out of a piece of brown construction paper. Then we let their imaginations and creativity run wild as they used paper from the scrap box to create a unique potato character.


Then we wrote stories about our potato people.  The kids were all SO creative!!!

click {here} to download a copy of the header we used


We are learning about telling time to the hour and 1/2 hour in math so we played this great game that we found online a few years ago called STOP THE CLOCKWe of course tried to give it a St. Patrick’s Day theme!!!  The kids got to take turns coming up to the Promethean board to match the analog and digital times on the clocks.  They tried to beat each other and set new class records.  Some of them even found the website online at home and practiced.


Here’s a record sheet we made for our kids to use at the computer center.  We have the website bookmarked for them.  They got to play 5 times and record their scores.

click {here} to download a copy of the record sheet


Today was our “Lucky Day”. 

We all wore green and did lots of activities that are included in our Lucky Day Mini-Unit.


To get us started we read Fluffy’s Lucky Day by Kate McMullan. Then we did a little pre-writing activity to get us thinking about what might happen to us if we had a lucky day just like Fluffy. Everyone had to finish the writing prompts about what they would eat, find, play, see, get and have on their Lucky Day.


We also read Lucky Tucker  by Leslie McGuirk.  It’s about a dog named Tucker who had a very lucky day. Then we wrote stories about a lucky day we have really had.


IMG_1154[1]   IMG_1153[1]

We also did a fun sorting/graphing/data collection activity with a box of Lucky Charms that we shared with you last year.

We began by estimating how many marshmallows we thought would be in our box of Lucky Charms and we made a class prediction about which shape of marshmallow there would be the most of in our box of Lucky Charms. Then we divided the box up evenly amongst the kids in our class and let them get to work sorting all of their marshmallows on the sorting mat.


click {here} to download a copy of the sorting mat


The next step involved having our kiddos tally how many of each marshmallow shape they had.


click {here} to download a copy of the tally mark chart


The final step was a BIG one for us . . . we used all the data we collected to make a class tally mark chart on the Promethean board.  Boy were we surprised at the results!!!  Who knew there were so many marshmallows in one box of Lucky Charms.


It was a very fun day and now we are both hoping our Kansas Jayhawks are Lucky tonight.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk. . . Go KU!!!



  1. Rock Chalk! It's not looking good tonight though! :(

  2. love the potato people and the lucky charm math! Thank you for sharing!

    Apples and Papers

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love Jamie O'Rourke

    C&C Teach First

  5. SO CUTE! I love, love, love. I have several leprechaun *freebies* that I would love for you to come check out!

    Thank you ladies for being so wonderful, creative, and inspiring! =)

    Heather's Heart

  6. Great stuff!! I just got my baggies of Lucky Charms ready for this week. I like how you do a class prediction and than actually see how many are in the box. That's a BIG number for first grade! Also love your writing prompt for All the Luck cute! Thanks for your inspiration! :)