Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting Back to Reality!

We can’t tell you how impressed we are with all those teachers out there that can handle teaching all day, parenting all night, and then actually having time to blog what’s going on in their classrooms. We enjoyed the posts on Blog Hoppin last week but just couldn’t keep up with everyone. We did get to peek into some really neat classrooms and loved all the ideas that you all shared! We both would come to school the next day and share with each other the awesome ideas we saw as we laid in our beds with our Ipads! We decided you all have WAY more energy than we do right now!

We are finally getting around to posting some pictures of our classrooms and what we have been up to the past 14 days of school. We have survived our first week of centers. The kids loved rotating and doing our color day centers. We were excited to use our new center posters and nametags. The rotations worked out great! It’s been fun getting the kids in guided reading groups and listening to them read. We are off and running! Here’s a peek at our classrooms:

Kelly’s room:


Diane’s room:


We finished up our Color Day Fun unit and we are on to our ABC Fun unit and are in the process of finishing up our Common Core Cats Galore centers (will be posted this weekend!) to use with all the fun Pete the Cat things we have found. We are doing a story in reading next week called Mac the Cat  so we are going to integrate Pete the Cat things and short a! In guided reading we are using a lot of our Short Vowel Fun unit and Reading A-Z Decodable Readers. We have been introducing our Word of the Day with our color words and will start using our Sight Word of the Day. We think these have been great to introduce compete sentence writing. We also plan to post our Fall Word of the Day pack soon!

Yes, we are getting back to reality and getting things done again. Wasn’t summer fun?? We miss the lazy days of summer, sleeping in, snacking and restroom breaks when we wanted, and the family time…but LOVE first graders and their excitement to learn! We hope you are all having a wonderful start to your year! Have a fantastic 3 day weekend!



  1. Help where did you get your animals number posters and the puncuation ones too!!!! Love them and your room! [email protected] Thanks!

  2. We finished your Color pack this week! The kiddos loved it!! So did their teacher! Ha! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade