Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short Vowel Review

This past week we have been VERY busy in first grade reviewing the short vowel sounds. We took a week off from our Houghton Mifflin reading series to do a few fun activities.

We made this little short vowel flip book . . . which is always one of favorite activities!!!clip_image008

This is something you could easily recreate using any worksheet you already have that has short vowel pictures. To make the flipbook all you need to do is fold a piece of construction paper in half and cut 5 slits. We usually already have this done for our kids before we begin. Then di-cut each of the vowels to decorate the front of each flap.

We also used our reading books and magnifying glasses to be short vowel detectives. Students had to find 10 (of each) short vowel words from all of the stories we’ve read throughout themes 1 & 2 and record them and their page number on a worksheet.  They had a blast doing this and with the help of the magnifying glasses stayed completely engaged!!! 

IMG_1209[1]    IMG_1212[1]IMG_1213[1]



click {here} to download this worksheet

We also made our own short vowel rhyming books by matching sets of basic CVC rhyming words and using the two words to write a complete sentence.

imageclick {here} to download a free copy of this activity

Since we had some extra time during the week we also began learning more about nouns (naming words) and verbs (action words).  We used several of the activities from our sentence structure unit . . .


If your kiddos are learning about verbs too, click {here} to listen to the Verb Rap . . . they will LOVE it!!!Have Fun Teaching

Also make sure and check out the great noun and verb videos available on Brain Pop Jr. if you have a membership.



  1. Thanks for the wonderful freebies! I gave you ladies a shout out on my blog last week. Copy the link to check it out!

  2. Can't get the short vowel freebie to go to TPT or google docs. Has anyone else had trouble with it? I'd LOVE to have it. Can you email it to me?


  3. Thanks for the fabulous freebies. I am also having trouble with the short vowel page. It only goes to an image and am not able to download. I would love to use it in my class next week. Can you email it to me?


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