Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Word of the Day {Freebie}

We hope all of you are surviving the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  We have spent the past two weeks enjoying some holiday themed fun with all of our gingerbread man activities.  The kids have absolutely LOVED it . . . and each day they have been eager to hear a different version of the popular story.

We wanted to pass along a little Christmas Word of the Day freebie as a thank you for all of your support this year.  We continue to be absolutely amazed and inspired by the online community that we have become a part of.  Hopefully you will be able to use some of these worksheets & posters with your kiddos as you introduce Christmas vocabulary.  We’ve added a few additional words so if you grabbed this last year make sure you download the updated copy.




  1. Thanks for the updated version!! Love the matching posters!

    Heather (

  2. Thank you so much...this is awesome!

  3. I can only get 11 pages. Please help!

  4. I absolutely love your units. Do you do holidays other than Christmas? Our disrict is pretty strict about not focusing on Christmas. If we want to do holidays, we have to incorporate Hanukkay, Kwanzaa, etc...

  5. Wonderful idea to create such things like that.Amazing!!

  6. You have so many cute thing! Love your blog! We are your newest followers (fellow Kansans!)
    Teaching Little Miracles