Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We are Back (to School and Blogging)

After a much needed summer sabbatical we are back, energized, feeling creative . . . and excited about the new school year.  We appreciate all of the kind emails we have received from so many of you this summer wondering if we were ok.  To be honest with you, we just needed a little time off to focus on our lives outside of school.  We feel so blessed to be part of such a supportive blogging community.

Here’s a little snapshot of everything that has been going on in our busy lives the last three months . . .

Diane has been busy ALL summer helping her daughter Karley plan a wedding.  The wedding was August 3rd.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a very happy day for the family, but a few tears were shed as well.  The morning of the wedding Diane’s father-in-law passed away.  So after months of planning and preparation plans changed a little bit and instead of finally relaxing and heading back to school Diane and her family packed up and headed to Iowa.

Here’s a picture of the beautiful couple. . . 

and a few pictures from the wedding festivities.


It wouldn’t be a fun wedding without a group of teachers . . . right? 

We all love our teaching buddies.


Kelly spent a lot of her time at the ballpark watching her son Grant play baseball.


Then as soon as baseball ended Kelly and her family headed out on a long vacation.  The visited friends in Texas, relaxed on the beach in Mississippi and spent a few days in New Orleans before embarking on a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico.


Coming soon . . . we promise . . pictures from our first few days of school. 

Our new group of first graders arrived bright and early Tuesday morning ready to learn.  Thanks to all of you fabulous teacher  bloggers and sellers we’ve been doing lots of fun new things with our kiddos.  We promise to share them with you in a big post later this week.



  1. Yeah!! I am so glad you guys are back! You deserved a nice break. Good for you!

  2. Oh yay! We missed you girls. Beautiful pictures and we're so glad you were off enjoying your summer like we all should be!!! Welcome back!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  3. WELCOME BACK!!! Awesome photos-so much emotion. Smiles and stop by anytime!

  4. So excited to see you back and happy to know you are well!!
    Welcome Back!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  5. Welcome back, you two! I hope you had a great summer!
    Heidi Butkus

  6. Thank goodness you are back!!!! I have MISSED you!!!!!
    Mackey's Classroom

  7. Welcome Back!! Getting ready to do your color unit this week!!
    The wedding picture is beautiful!
    A Burst of First

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