Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sweet Giveaway Winners! Welcome OCTO-BEAR! Many Thanks! & A Night Out!

These past few months have been a whirlwind for both of us. Diane’s daughter got married August 3 and her father-in-law passed away the same day. So instead of planning for Open House she was driving 10 hours for a funeral and then coming back for the inservice and the first day of school. After 2 weeks of school Kelly’s husband died suddenly of a heart attack. It has been a very rough start to our school year. We are lucky to have wonderful little kiddos this year to help us through the day. Their smiles and hugs are precious!! We also work with some wonderful people!

SO many of you sent well wishes through our Gmail account and on the blog. We feel very blessed and want you to know that we appreciated all your kind messages!!!  MANY THANKS!!!

We also want to acknowledge everyone that posted on our “Sweet Give Away” blog post and announce the winners! Better late- than never!

sweet giveaway

Here are our winners (we picked 4 instead of three since we were delayed in announcing the winners!) and their yummy recipes we are looking forward to trying. Ladies email us your 5 picks from our TpT store and we will send them your way! Thank you to everyone that sent us a recipe! So many to try out now!!




Every year we welcome October with our OCTO-BEAR Fun Unit. The kids loved it too! Take a look at our unit and math and literacy centers and you can see what has kept us busy to start this month!

Octo-Bear FUN

Next week we get to have our neighborhood Fire Station come and put on a crazy Clown Fire Safety Show! We are going to start these math and literacy centers:

Fire Safety Math & Literacy Centers 

October has to have pumpkins, candy corn, and bats! Here are the rest of our units for this month. We are busy planning all the centers and activities to go with each of our units.

Pumpkin Time Math & Literacy Centers

Candy Corn Math & Literacy Centers

Creatures of the Night {Math & Literacy Centers}

When October comes to an end and our goblins are almost worn out from their excitement of Halloween we will finish up the month with one of our favorite stories and activities!

Harriet's Halloween Candy

Each of our themes is also integrated into our Word of the Day. Here is our Fall Word of the Day activity pack:

Fall Word of the Day

Here is what we did to get the school year off to a better start this weekend- Diane’s husband went to Iowa to help take care of his mom and Kelly treated Diane to a night out!


Blake Shelton is such an entertainer!! To think we just watched him on The Voice earlier in the week and then we got to see him live! He surprised the crowd with a visit from last years winner on The Voice, Danielle Bradbery-she is adorable!! Then Miranda Lambert came on stage later in the night and sang! It was an EPIC night! We didn’t get TEN TIMES CRAZIER, but we had a great time!!

We hope you are all off to a WONDERFUL start to your school year!!

Diane & Kelly


  1. Thinking of both of you and hoping things slow down.
    Diane, I can not believe your daughter is old enough to be married. She was just born. Congratulations.

  2. Some bloggy LOVE for you in this week's post! :) Stop by to check it out!


  3. I wanted you to know that I missed you and prayed for you all. Take all the time you need to heal and find your new normal. Sending love to you both.

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