Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Sweet Giveaway

Our school year is off to a very sweet start.  We are both absolutely loving our new little groups of firsties.  We’ve successfully made it through the first nine days of the school year and the level of exhaustion we were both experiencing is beginning to improve a little each day.

One of our favorite spots to hang out at school is in our cute little pod.  We share this space with two other fabulous first grade teachers.  All of our rooms have a door that opens to a little storage/meeting area.  It’s nothing fancy . . . at all!!!  It’s a great place for our paras to work with our kiddos, a fabulous place to shove all the things we don’t know what to do with and an even better place to meet up during breaks to chat and munch on some  yummy snacks.


This year we have added a very important little feature to our pod . . . it’s the fancy Party Pail.  Someone brought it in filled up with snack mix during our inservice days and after a week the pail was empty.  So we’ve decided to take turns refilling the Party Pail throughout the year with new snack mix recipies.


We would love to have some recipe ideas for new snack mixes so we thought we would have a sweet giveaway.

sweet giveaway 

  Simply post a comment with your email address and a link to one of your favorite teacher tested, tasted and approved snack mix recipes and you will have the chance to win ANY five items in our TpT store to help your school year get off to a sweet start. 

We will choose (3) winners and post their recipes online for all of you. 

Good luck everyone . . . this giveaway ends Monday night at 8:00 pm (CST).


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School S-A-L-E


Thanks, Amy Lemons, for the cute sale image!

We have teamed up with TpT for the annual Back To School SALE again this year. 

Every item in our TpT store will be 20% off. 

Make sure you enter the promo code BTS13 when you check out to receive additional savings.  This is as big as it gets friends . . . so stock up on anything you think you might use this coming school year!!!

Make sure you check out these tabs on our blog for links to all of our thematic math & literacy centers as well as our math and reading resources.


We would also like to pass along a few {free} fun resources that we will are both using at the beginning of the year in our classrooms..

If you are looking for an 11x17 poster to have each student decorate when they are featured as your STAR STUDENT or TOP BANANA here you go.

image image

(just click on the poster to download)

Here is a basic set of color word posters that can be displayed in your classroom.


(just click on the poster to download)

We have kicked off the new school year with our Color Day Fun unit.  It is always one of our favorite units of the year.  It incorporates lots of great literature, creative writing and math activities while reviewing basic Kindergarten/1st grade skills and standards.


We know a lot of you are Houghton Mifflin users so we wanted to share a resource that we created several years ago to go with the “Back to School” section of the series.  It’s a set of sight word worksheets that review the kindergarten sight words.  They go right along with all of the little paper readers that come at the front of the workbook.  We always practice reading the little paper book that goes with each lesson several times together and then we create a class book by having each student fill in the blank to complete the sentence and draw a picture to illustrate their words.  Then we assemble the books and place them in our classroom library.  Even at the end of the year the kids still love going back and reading them!!!sentences

click {here} to download a copy

Even if you aren’t a Houghton Mifflin user this is still might be a resource you can use to start your school year.  All of the sentences are made up of very basic sight words that every 1st grader {should} be able to read!!!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We are Back (to School and Blogging)

After a much needed summer sabbatical we are back, energized, feeling creative . . . and excited about the new school year.  We appreciate all of the kind emails we have received from so many of you this summer wondering if we were ok.  To be honest with you, we just needed a little time off to focus on our lives outside of school.  We feel so blessed to be part of such a supportive blogging community.

Here’s a little snapshot of everything that has been going on in our busy lives the last three months . . .

Diane has been busy ALL summer helping her daughter Karley plan a wedding.  The wedding was August 3rd.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a very happy day for the family, but a few tears were shed as well.  The morning of the wedding Diane’s father-in-law passed away.  So after months of planning and preparation plans changed a little bit and instead of finally relaxing and heading back to school Diane and her family packed up and headed to Iowa.

Here’s a picture of the beautiful couple. . . 

and a few pictures from the wedding festivities.


It wouldn’t be a fun wedding without a group of teachers . . . right? 

We all love our teaching buddies.


Kelly spent a lot of her time at the ballpark watching her son Grant play baseball.


Then as soon as baseball ended Kelly and her family headed out on a long vacation.  The visited friends in Texas, relaxed on the beach in Mississippi and spent a few days in New Orleans before embarking on a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico.


Coming soon . . . we promise . . pictures from our first few days of school. 

Our new group of first graders arrived bright and early Tuesday morning ready to learn.  Thanks to all of you fabulous teacher  bloggers and sellers we’ve been doing lots of fun new things with our kiddos.  We promise to share them with you in a big post later this week.