Sunday, January 19, 2014

Long Vowel Winners, MLK, Mitten Tens and Ones Freebie, and Penguins on Parade!

We sent the long vowel unit to our winners, but had not posted it here! They were Katie Ryan, Claire Austelle, and Teresa Ayers! Congrats ladies! We loved doing the Super E packet by The Teacher Wife along with our unit. The Teacher Wife just updated her unit, so if you bought it you will want to go and download it again for the fun things she added to it!

How many of you have MLK day off? We have an in-service day so we celebrated our learning about MLK on Friday. They LOVE learning about Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, and MLK! They are amazed at how much our world has changed!! We made these MLK posters to celebrate our learning. (one kind of looked like Arthur!)


We have been enjoying many different versions of The Mitten and any other story we could find about mittens and added the story mapping elements to our Mitten Journals.

M is For Mitten

Many of you that have been teaching for as long as Diane has (27 years) may have seen a fun mitten activity by AIMS learning. We have updated this and added some extra mitten tens and ones fun with a freebie for you! You can go to our TPT store and download this activity for free!


Here are the kids in action using this activity! They were so engaged and LOVED traveling around the room to see how many cubes fit in their friend’s mitten!


Here are a few art projects we made. Mitten Wreaths and Mitten Pals. They sure do love art!!



Tomorrow we will enjoy endure a day of in-service and then will start our Penguins on Parade Centers!

Penguins on Parade Math & Literacy Centers

For those of you off tomorrow…ENJOY!!! You are SOOOO lucky!!

Diane & Kelly


  1. pokonamah kudu terus sumanget ameh guri guri ennyoy haha

  2. Love your mitten wreaths! Sorry you didn't get today off.
    Finally in First