Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh Kansas!

Happy Kansas Day everyone.  In case you didn’t know . . . today {January 29th} The Sunflower state celebrated it’s 154th birthday.  To show our true Kansas spirit we had our kiddos wear their favorite Kansas team attire and we both did a big graphing project with our class.  Students got to vote for their favorite Kansas team.  Then we used the data we collected to find out which team was the class favorite.

Here’s a peek at the graph from Diane’s class . . . as you can see there were a lot of Jayhawk fans!!!


If you are a Kansas teacher here are a few freebies just for you that we’ve created over the years.

The first one is a book that we will use at the end of the week to wrap up our unit on Kansas.  After learning about the state symbols student will glue them in ABC order.  Then they will write a complete sentence about each picture using correct capitalization and punctuation.  We will create a word bank on the board for students to refer to that has words such as:  bird, mammal, insect, flower, tree, amphibian, reptile to use in their writing.


click {here} to download Kansas Symbols activity

We also have a cut and paste set of Kansas sentences that students can unscramble to learn facts about our state.  Students will cut out each row and arrange the words to create a complete sentence about our state symbols.  Then they will write the sentence correctly on the line using their neatest handwriting.


click {here} to download the Kansas Sentence Scramble activity

Another fun activity that students always enjoy involves using a map of the state of Kansas.  Somehow we both ended up with a class set of Kansas maps years ago.  They sat in our cabinets untouched for several years.  Then we created this little activity.  You would be surprised how much fun your students will have working with a partner to find towns on the map that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  It’s great little exploration activity to introduce basic map skills.


click {here} to download the Map of Kansas activity


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