Thursday, July 24, 2014

Math Racers

Start your engines and get your students excited about numbers! 

We are SO excited to introduce our newest product . . . Math Racers


Math Racers are a series of weekly number fluency skill builders that we will be sending home with our kiddos each night.  Students will compete against their time from the previous night as they race to improve their score during the week.

Last year our district began administering the TEN {Test of Early Numeracy} which is part of the AIMSweb program.  We used these quick assessment tools to identify students who were at risk.  Teaching children basic numeracy skills is the core of what we should be doing as first grade teachers so we wanted to expand on these measures and create activities that focused on building number fluency from 1-120.

Math Racers focus on the following skills:image

This unit includes 36 weeks of practice.image

Here is a {sneak} peek at the three different skills that are reviewed throughout the year as students slowly develop number fluency from 1-120.clip_image007

We look forward to using these this year with our kiddos.  For several years we have used a similar resource that we created to master sight words and they have been a BIG success.  Any time that students get to race against themselves or their classmates they get excited about learning!


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  1. This looks great, ladies! We also use AIMS in our district. You said you'll be sending this home with kiddos: will it just be your students in Tier 2/3 for MTSS or the whole class? Also, you mentioned a sight word resource that is similar to that in your store? I always love things made by you two, since I'm a fellow Kansan and our standards are the same. Have a great evening!