Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School!! Are you ready??

Can you believe it is August and summer is over????? Diane just got back from Kansas City to celebrate her 27th wedding anniversary and also spent 6 hours in her daughter’s classroom getting her ready for her first year of teaching. Kelly has been in Colorado for a National Baseball tournament with her son. They finished 4th! So NOW we are going to frantically finish up our own rooms and get ready to go. We have Open House on Thursday!!!!! We will be putting in the hours over the next few days and nights! We feel everyone’s pain…and excitement for this time of year! We can’t wait to meet our new kiddos and start our year in a new school. We are so giddy about all the new resources that are out there and loading up our wish list on TpT for the BTS Blastoff! We will have everything in our store 20% off!                                                     Happy Shopping and have a WONDERFUL new school year!!


Diane & Kelly


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