Friday, September 19, 2014

Super Sentence Wheels {Through the Year}

We are SO excited to share one of our very favorite resources for teaching students to write complete sentences.  Check out our Super Sentence Wheels Through the Year that includes a total of 13 wheels and student booklets.


Step 1:  Copy the sentence wheels on cardstock for each student.  Have students cut out the three circles and assemble them using a brad (metal fastener) so they can spin the wheels to create super sentences.

Step 2:  Brainstorm a list of adjectives (describing words) as a whole group that could describe the main character of your sentence wheel.  Encourage students to pick a different describing word for each sentence they create.


Step 3:  Align the WHO wheel with a verb/phrase from the DID WHAT wheel.


Step 4:  Align the WHERE wheel to create a super sentence.


Step 5:  Students will write their super sentence in the student book using correct capitalization and punctuation.  There is also space provided for them to illustrate their sentence.




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