Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On the Road to Reading Street {Unit 1 Resource Pack}

After finishing up the school year AND getting both of our classrooms moved to our new school we finally got the Reading Street unit 1 Resource Pack finished.  We have been very excited about all the positive feedback we have received since posting the Readiness Unit.  We hope all of you fellow Reading Street users find all of the activities, assessments and teacher resources we have created helpful to both you and your students as you launch this series in your 1st grade classrooms.  


Here’s a {sneak} peek of all the resources included in this comprehensive 211 page resource pack.


Yesterday we spent a marathon day {over 10 hours} working on just 1 of our 3 presentations for the I Teach 1st conference we will be presenting at in July in Las Vegas.  We have revamped our center materials and will have lots of new chevron, polka dot and animal print center rotation posters, nametags, center signs and lesson plan forms available soon.


Our Reading Street Resource Pack – Unit 2 will be coming soon!